Reemove is a development agency focusing on helping startups and creation of new projects that need high degree of innovation and fast past development.

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Individlabs is a personal profiling system working width smart ways to classify users and helping people automate web and app-processes

* Automation in capturing user behaviour
* Real time anlyze of Big-Data from user intervals
* Smart api-functions to help customers utilize data on-the-fly

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StartedByMe is a network where you can register your startup and present it to other people. You get a good presentation that is responsive on every platform.

* import automaticly from social media
* Import press-releases automaticle
* Social functions and sharing

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Co-founder of a service that uses images and videos to create a brand new to-do app.

* Upload of images to s3, autoscaling
* One page app with full responsiveness
* Map function and collaboration roles

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I was architecht, investor and senior developer for relinklabs big-data system. The system binds together information from a numerous social platforms making smart prediction for talent aqusition.

* Scraping and API integration for a numerous of services
* Intelligent search with scoring and weights
* One-page app with rails and angular

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I was main developer for thiefspa in Oslo. It's one of the most exclusive spas in Norway

* Booking system
* 3d view
* Responsive design

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I was leading development and support for TVNorge live football and hockey app, maxlivesport.com

* Real time deliver of sport data
* Push with longpolling and sockets
* Voting sollution with sms confirmation

Intertainment grid


Intertainment.tv is a SAAS platform with customers as TVnorge and Microsoft. Intertainment developed second screen solutions coupled with a API service feeding TV and Sport data for app-development and real time services.

* Peak data autoscaling systems
* NoSql storage, Solr powered search
* Heroku, S3 file storage



We provided developing and coaching during startup phase for needbox.com

* Selling and offering of small services (microtasks)
* localization via google maps
* Full responsive design
* Automatic invoice system

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Very big project, the site has gone through severel improvements. The site sells courses that fouses on transport of dangerous goods, and has a leading position in Sweden.

* Automatic course system , licenses with diffent pricing
* Full backend invoice system with automatic creation and bundling of invoices
* Advanced my page functions with invite functions and reports

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Dagbladet.no - Labrador 2

We provided project leader and architect for Dagbladets second revision CMS system Labrador

* Traffic intensice site
* Solr powered search and information gateways
* Advanced image cropping techniques
* Drag and drop grid-layout system

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Magellan it's a employment bureau. And I have built a higly automatic system including search in uploaded cv documents and automatic schedules.

* Automatic search in all uploaded documents
* Online schedules
* Full search and indexing of incoming email
* Advanced background system


EXPOLOGY - Inspiria Kildebordet

We developed a admin user panel for inspiria which lets you add object and storys around a timeline. This information was used one big touch displays in their exhibition halls, the project included flash upload techniques and a softicated tag system.

* File upload with progress bar
* Autocomplete tag system input
* Geobase search system
* Invite system
* FAQ system for training


VILVITE - Norway,Bergen

We have been a part of developing a "my page" portal for visitors to the "vilvite" center in Bergen.

* Functions for user storing their experiences as videos or picture with sofisticated encryption techniques
* Grup functionalities and sharing
* Full Language translate support through Zend framework
* Share through facebook and other media